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Chapter Twelve.

2011-05-01 18:42:07 by DPlato pter-twelve.html
almost done, check it out. feedback needed.

chapter ten

2011-04-07 18:21:33 by DPlato pter-ten.html
feedback needed.

chapter 8 and 9 up

2011-04-04 17:14:58 by DPlato pter-nine.html
just posted.
eight posted on saturday.

Chapter 7

2011-03-28 20:19:24 by DPlato

unedited greatness of the start of something awesome. check it out. feedback needed. and recheck out the other chapters for edited and added coolness pter-seven.html

Chapter 5 and Chapter 6

2011-03-25 01:37:30 by DPlato pter-six.html pter-5.html

read please
its heating up

Chapter 3 and 4

2011-03-22 19:25:41 by DPlato
the new chapters, and check everyday for new ones.
leave feedback on the blog if you like it or not.
enough good feedback could lead this being made in a flash or a short book.

Untitled writing project

2011-03-20 22:55:10 by DPlato
Unedited but shaping into an great american classic.

Forum is up and running again

2011-02-13 13:45:24 by DPlato

Forum is working and looking for members to rebuild it.
Friendly community and hopefully a lot of people.
Check it out.
Any ideas on how to improve it or fix it, please drop a message.

O hell yeah

2008-10-22 00:01:57 by DPlato

I got another award
underdog of the week
and last week i won the review pick award
3 in total now


2008-09-28 15:29:29 by DPlato

My Goals:
1. a award
2. a Crazy Laws Collection
3. Level 15
4. 1,000 members in my crew